About Us

The Creation

Founded in 1966, Northeast Academy was intended from its beginning to be a pleasant place to learn, an opportunity for a quality education and a school where the founding parents could exercise hands-on supervision of the curriculum, extracurricular activities and the educational environment.

The school board, with a membership of 21, operates the school under a charter granted under the state of North Carolina. From the beginning, the school has been funded by tuition, contributions and fundraising activities.

The Beginning of the Legacy

Located in Lasker, NC, Northeast Academy originally offered instruction in grades 1st through 10th, with Mr. G. W. Davis heading a faculty of six (including the Headmaster) and student body of 32. Joey Davis of Seaboard, NC, was the first student enrolled in school.  The Bible was the first book placed in the Library.

In 1969, Northeast Academy Graduated its first three Seniors: Marshall Coker, Evelyn Herring and Ray Wood. Each year since that time, Northeast has graduated young people who have gone on to do very well in a diverse range of activities.

The Future

It continues to be the aim of Northeast Academy to offer any young person, whose parents are willing and able to make the necessary sacrifices, an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, to earn a good education, to develop social and citizenship skills and to become a part of a caring community of friends.