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Northeast Academy Staff

Leon Dickens, Headmaster


Leon Dickens was named Headmaster of Northeast Academy for the 2016-17 school year after serving in an interim capacity since January, 2016. 

Except  for his time as a high school student at Weldon, his college years and his first two teaching positions in Virginia Beach and Weldon, Dickens is a lifelong resident of Northampton County, born on the farm in 1945. 

Dickens  attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a full academic scholarship and while he was an Alston-Pleasants scholar, he  participated in the honors program and was inducted into the Phi Beta  Kappa Honor Society as a Junior. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in history and also a North Carolina Teaching Certificate in Social Studies. 

Concerning things that matter most to him, Dickens says, “Some things that I do not like are wasted time, wasted abilities and arrogance. I thank God, however, for providing me with the people and things that I definitely do love. I love my wife, our children and their spouses, our  granddaughter, my extended family, my church, observing nature’s  wonders, teaching, farming and music. I especially love young people and I value highly the rapport I am blessed to have with them.” 

Dickens and his wife Brenda both have served Elam Baptist Church and Northeast  Academy over an extended period of time. Brenda has served as pianist at church and at school, and she has served, literally, in the lunchroom for 25 years. At Elam, Dickens has served as Deacon, Sunday School Superintendent &  teacher and Choir Director. Over a period of 31 years at Northeast, he  has been, at one time or another, board member, teacher, Assistant  Headmaster and Interim Headmaster.

Reflecting on what lies ahead, Dickens states, “Knowing firsthand the challenges that await anyone in the field of education, I nevertheless look forward  to working with our parents and teachers in helping young people grow and mature into responsible, educated, caring adults. It is amazing what students remember. Among the things I used to say was, ‘Life is sad.’ I  still say that at times life seems bitterly unfair, but as I look around me, I see what has always been true: Life is full of beauty and  grace. Another of my famous quotations concerns how few things people really must do. We have found that what makes all the difference is the  choices that people make. Our plan is to provide pleasant memories for  our students as we help them make the right choices.” 

"The future years promise great things for Northeast Academy," he said. “The board, teachers, parents and students are all on the same page, recognizing the dedicated, unified effort necessary to achieve lofty goals. A spirit of positive volunteerism is present in abundance at Northeast as plans for the future are being discussed.”

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Supporting Staff


Leon Dickens, Headmaster

Kim Johnson, Secretary

Gail Bennett, Finance Officer

Susan Pope, Librarian

Fran Pope, Cafeteria

Brenda Dickens, Cafeteria

Lisa Lassiter, Cafeteria



Lori Barnes 

12th Grade Homeroom

Algebra II


Advanced Functions




Dana Boone

6th Grade

Cecelia Bracy


Ada Brinkley

Morning Elementary Assistant

Afternoon 5th Grade Teacher

Joella Brown

Athletic Director

Health & PE (7th, 8th & 9th Grades)

Healthful Living

Elementary PE

Wendy Byrum


Elizabeth Coggins

11th Grade Homeroom

Life Science (7th & 8th Grades)

Advanced Chemistry

Physical Science



Terry Cox

English (7th, 8th, 10th & 11th Grades)



Beverly Creech

4th Grade

Leon Dickens, Headmaster

Senior Ethics

French I, II & III

Norma Jo Drewette

Reading Specialist

Jo Anne Futrell

7th Grade Homeroom


Algebra I




Jenny Hedgepeth

10th Grade Homeroom

US History I & II


World History (8th & 9th Grades)


Sue Hewitt

3rd Grade

Nan Howell

English (12th Grade)

General Math

Computer I & II


Sandra Johnson

5th Grade

Yvonne Lassiter

1st Grade

Sandra Mallory

2nd Grade

Afterschool Program

Annie Richey

9th Grade Homeroom

Earth Science

NC History (7th & 8th Grades)

English (9th Grade)

Vocabulary Building


Hannah Roye

Preschool Teacher Assistant