NEA 2018 Yearbook Information


Buy Your Yearbook Early & SAVE!!!

2018 Yearbooks are on sale NOW! You may purchase your yearbook at:

School Code: 10808

$45 per book; $50 if ordered after February 10, 2018.

$5 extra for name plate

Yearbook Pictures NEEDED!

The yearbook staff relies on parent's picture contributions to help have the most complete coverage of the school year. You can help by submitting your best digital photos online through Herff Jones. PLEASE be very selective in the photos you upload and provide all the detail indicated. Please submit photos as soon as possible as we will start working on yearbook content immediately after an event occurs.

Go to:

School Code: 1080

Yearbook SENIOR Ads

Full Page - $200

1/2 Page - $120

Materials and payment need to be received by November 23, 2017 for the ad to be included in the yearbook. If you have messages or layout choices, please indicate that clearly when you place your order. If there is not a layout suggestion, the yearbook staff will determin the placement of photos. Please indicate an email address so that we may get in touch with your if necessary. It is highly recommended that you send digital photos on a CD or USB in TIFF or JPEG format or share photos through (school code 10808). However, if you send actual photos, please place them in an envelope with student name on front and each photo labeled.  These will be returned to you. Photos will be printed in full color except black and white photos will print in black and white.

Yearbook BUSINESS Ads

We would be happy o have any businesses advertise with us. Please see the following chart for prices:

Full Page - $200

1/2 Page - $120

1/4 Page - $80

1/8 Page - $60

1/16 Page - $30

Please submit ad materials (logo, directions, etc.) with your order. All ads are printed in full color.

Payments and materials are due by November 23, 2017. These may be purchased online at, school code 10808.  If you would like to place an ad, please call the school or see a member of the yearbook staff: Caroline Futrell, Noah Lassiter, Carly Stephenson, Nick Trevino, Chase Futrell, Allie Liverman, Jessie Martin, Kathryn Long, Hannah Drewette or Kaley Hewitt.

If you have pictures of your child's Summer activities, please share these with the yearbook staff.